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Residential Standby Generac Generators

Whole Home, Partial Home & Portable Generac Installation 

Keep your home up and running regardless of outside circumstances and conditions.


As a leading dealer for automatic standby/backup & portable Generac generators in Northeast Ohio, Hannah Electric provides a turn-key solution for your home generator needs.


We do sales, installation, service and maintenance on all models of Generac backup power generators and systems, with a range of options at your disposal.

Our services include: 

  • Permanent installations

  • Portable backup generators

  • Various unique features, such as the QuietSource series

  • EcoGen residential backup generators


Generac offers dozens of different models which can meet any homeowner's needs, and just about any target budget or price range.


With a dozen highly skilled employees, and we're ready and waiting to help meet your homes specific needs for automatic or portable standby generator power.

3 different solutions for residential generators


Let Hannah Electric help you decide which is the best solution for you.


  • Essential circuit coverage, with a specific number and location of circuits and/or specific appliances in the home covered with backup power

  • Managed whole house coverage, which provides a total-home solution but turns nonessential circuits off based on power usage

  • Complete whole-house coverage, which keeps the entire home up and running at all times, with a backup generator large and powerful enough to do so.


Contact us at (440) 259-2464 for a free consultation and no obligation quote, or fill out our easy contact form right here on the page!
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